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  • Sydney von Rosenberg

The Fight For Kherson: Ukraine’s Ongoing Counteroffensive

Kherson, Ukraine Kherson is a key location in the unfolding narrative of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “special operation” invasion of forces into Ukraine. A valuable port city located on the Black Sea and Dnieper River, Kherson was the first major urban center seized by Russian forces and is crucial in the Kremlin’s war efforts in southern Ukraine. Moscow has installed proxy officials to stage a sham referendum and declare a “Kherson People’s Republic.” However, as the looming threat of Ukraine’s counteroffensive seeks to encircle Kherson, the Russians must expect a steep challenge to retain control over the city. The forthcoming fight for Kherson will represent a turning point in this war, and all signs point to a likely Ukrainian success.

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The Fight for Kherson-Sydney von Rosenberg
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