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The Ready Room is the student organization of the Intelligence Studies Program at the George H.W. Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University.  A "ready room" is a designated space on an aircraft carrier where pilots receive their intelligence briefings. As a naval aviator who flew 58 missions during World War II, President George H.W. Bush would have received his intel briefs in one of these spaces. The Ready Room seeks to continue the legacy of President Bush by providing a forum for the next generation of intelligence leaders and national security professionals to connect, discuss ideas, and spur each other on. 


This online platform features analytic pieces written by current and former Bush School students, subject matter experts, and other guest contributors, providing consumers with a central database on issues related to national security. Our podcasts bring color and context to the world of national security through discussions with public servants on real-world topics. Finally, our events for the student body provide space for academic and professional enrichment and connection with peers.


Director: Max KlewenoMIA ‘24

Deputy Director: Ross Nikides, MIA ‘24

Director of Operations: Emily Gill, MIA ‘24

Editing Chair: Joseph Coles, MIA '24

Podcast Chair: Josh Krueger, MIA '24

Outreach Chair: Shelby Norman, MIA '24

Special Events Manager: Indira Gunness, MIA '24

Media Manager: Keilly O'Reilly, MIA '24

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Editing Team

Chair: Joseph ColesMIA ‘24

Harold Barker, MIA ‘24

Joe Solon, MIA ‘24

Leighton Durham, MIA ‘24

Matthew Bennett, MIA ‘24

Sarah ReyesMIA ‘24

Theo KaberidesMIA ‘24

Microphone Sound Editing

Podcast Team

Chair: Josh Krueger, MIA '24

Ryan Neville, MIA '24

Microphone Sound Editing
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Outreach Team

Chair: Shelby Norman, MIA '24

Alec Friend, MIA '24

Hannah Kirschman, MPSA ‘24

Wes King, MIA '24

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