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Venezuela’s government has just defaulted on a large package of foreign loans, precipitating economic and political collapse. President Nicolas Maduro has fled the country during violent protests, and no central figure has been able to establish political or territorial control over the country. Factions of the military have abandoned the government, and Venezuela’s borders and coasts are increasingly unpatrolled. Drug trafficking is reportedly rising, including increased activity from the FARC, a guerrilla group and U.S.-designated terrorist organization. 


Structure and Objective

Students will be placed in teams of 6-8, each member representing a Principal in the National Security Council (National Security Advisor, Department Secretaries, Director of National Intelligence, etc.). From Friday afternoon to Saturday evening, students will work together to address the situation and drive the intelligence and policy processes. To recommend a course of action, NSC members must consider how to prioritize and pursue the U.S. interests, including economic stabilization, regional security, a stable flow of oil, protection of human rights, and restoration of democratic governance and the rule of law. There will be checkpoints along the way, and the event will culminate in a briefing to a professor or special guest role-playing as the President in a mock National Security Council meeting.


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