Counterintelligence and Neuroscience

Sarah Mesich


Intelligence in the Irish War of Independence

Olivia Jackson

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Death From Above

John Antal  - Renowned Author

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The Ready Room is an online platform that will decrease space between intelligence consumers and academia. Featuring analytic pieces written by current and former Bush School students, guest contributors and other subject matter experts, the Ready Room will provide consumers with a central database on intelligence-related issues.

Podcast episodes, hosted by Intelligence Studies professors, will highlight interviews with intelligence professionals and address a variety of issues. 

The Ready Room is a platform designed to showcase the work of Bush School students and contribute innovative ideas and diverse analysis to the discipline of intelligence. By establishing partnerships on the local, state, and national levels, The Ready Room can enhance the relevance and credibility of the Bush School and improve the school’s brand awareness for stakeholders.

The leadership and character of President George H.W. Bush has played a clear and prominent role in the development of the Bush School of Government and Public Service. President Bush's service as Director of the CIA has greatly influenced the development and continuation of the Intelligence Studies Program for graduate students. In this manner, The Ready Room seeks to continue the legacy of President Bush by furthering the careers of graduate students who enter into public service.

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The thoughts and ideas published by The Ready Room are not in any way representative of the Intelligence Studies Program at the Bush School, the Bush School, or Texas A&M University. 

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