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  • Joseph Coles

Spring Spotlight: Policy in Emerging Domains

The Ready Room is proud to announce our spring 2024 semester spotlight topic: Policy in Emerging Domains. The past few years have seen rapid advances in technologies which a decade ago were pure speculation. With the increased use of generative models such as ChatGPT made by OpenAI, rules and regulations have been unable to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape. Academia is unsure as to how to integrate generative AI, if at all, with current learning structures; and laws which might regulate these technologies have been slow to respond, if they have responded at all. Space is becoming more intertwined with our everyday lives as well; a prominent example being Starlink, providing high speed satellite internet more accessible than ever. Emerging domains, if not properly and proactively handled, could be volatile and disruptive to our lives as we know it.


The Ready Room is calling for paper submissions on the topic of Policy in Emerging Domains. These papers can include new policy suggestions, but also analysis and review of current and proposed policies already in-place. Some topics of interest might be: Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence v.s. Generative AI, Satellites and Space, Robotics, and Nanotechnology. Papers can be submitted to Submitted papers will be reviewed, edited, and possibly posted to our website. It is possible to publish under a pseudonym or anonymously if so desired.


The Ready Room looks forward to your participation and is excited to promote thought and discussion in these developing topics. 

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