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  • Max Kleweno

Opinion: So You Want To Start A Revolution?

Is the United States Facing a Decline or Something Far Worse?

There is a lot of talk these days about American decline on the world stage in the face of a new threat, The People’s Republic of China. Concern for this issue is legitimate and must be addressed especially considering the possibility of kinetic conflict; however, there is a far more pressing and immediate concern occurring right under the noses of our policy-makers. In a state of blissful ignorance, these same policy-makers seem more than happy to allow the situation to deteriorate and, significantly and actively make the situation so much worse. The greatest threat to the existence of the United States as we know it is not Iran, ISIS, Russia, or China. The greatest existential threat to the United States, with the assistance of foreign disinformation, is our own growing polarization and our ever more serious crisis of legitimacy. We are our own greatest threat, and we are quickly hurtling towards a point of no return.

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